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Apple Technology Fundamentals Workshop


The Apple Technology Fundamentals course is an introduction course that will show you everything you need to get started and be comfortable with using a Mac desktop computer and the iPad device. iPads will be provided at the workshop.




Note: A basic working knowledge of the current iPad iOS and/or completion of the Apple iPad Fundamentals workshop is required for SWIFT Playground, Mobile Photography and Video Storytelling Workshops. 



Course Objective

Upon completion of the workshop, you will learn the basics of the Mac OS system on the Mac Desktop and iPad device. You will learn how to navigate with the system environment. You will also learn how to use the basic file management techniques to help organize workflow and helpful tips to increase productivity. You will be introduced to the free applications that are available on your device and finally you will learn about how you can print from your device.  

Student Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, student/learners will get to know the following

  • Device interface & know how to interact with the various menu functions and file organization
  • Various apps and its functionalities such as - iPhoto, iMovie, Pages, Keynote, Clips, Numbers, Preview
  • How to print from your device
  • Location for additional Apple training resources






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