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Strengthening Your Business’s Ability to Scale

Join the MBDA Pandemic Recovery Center and Elite Image Tax and Notary Service, LLC for an 8- part series designed to show entrepreneurs the importance of developing a strategy, encouraging relationships, utilizing technology, and much more. 

Modules are offered twice a week - from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm - Mondays and Wednesdays

Please reference the timeline below for the program breakdown. 

Session Topics  

  • 5/8 - Module 1Strategy (Room 316)

        Every business exists in multiple business ecosystems, and these systems are dynamic networks interacting with others to create and exchange         valued strategies. The challenge is deciding how your organization will survive and thrive with the system.

        Resilience Points:

        1. Maintain a strong financial foundation in the life of the business

        2. Promote business strategy master plan

        3. Introduce matchmaker opportunities 

  • 5/10 - Module 2 - Approachability (Room 208)

        The openness has two implications, the degree of change depends upon the possibility of new entrants and disruption to relationships and value.               It will also define the nature of the relationships in the ecosystems and how they are formed and maintained.

        Resilience Points

       1. Determine how to build your business capacity

       2. Support a positive overview of the business 

       3. How to create a competitive advantage approach

  • 5/15 - Module 3 - Participant Engagement (Room 316)

        With increased connectivity, organizations must figure out how to integrate things like smart advisors. The constant situational changes will         determine how solutions are defined and supported.

        Resilience Points

       1. Engage mentors and resources for business participation

       2. Define your business target market 

       3. Engage an advisor and/or staff to be responsible for planning and executing 

  • 5/17 - Module 4 Relationships (Room 316)

        The interconnection will create an ecosystem challenge. Digital platforms offer businesses different goals and objectives and help discover how to         start new relationships. Platforms provide core integration, application, and management services for participants. 

        Resilience Points

       1. Recruit organizations and invite resources into the ecosystem

       2. Provide businesses with a network of mentors and partners

       3. Offering hybrid options for your business and clients

  • 5/22 - Module 5 - Value Exchange (Room 316)

        Ecosystems enable companies to exchange products and services for information or analytics. In addition to monetary value exchange,         ecosystems leverage information, reputation, services, and other non-monetary forms of value.

        Resilience Points

       1. Define the benefits of your service or product to your customers

       2. Know your customers and understand your cost

       3. Market the essence of your value in business

  • 5/24 - Module 6 Diversity of Industries (Room 316)

        Business expansion can result in unexpected partnerships for organizations. Partners could include organizations within the primary industry,         adjacent industries, or industries outside of your business industry.

        Resilience Points

        1. Facilitate collaborations within the Ecosystem across industries and markets

        2. How can the business position itself for growth by creating a new culture of diversity? 

        3. Explain how creating a diverse workplace can increase productivity

  • 6/5 - Module 7 - Complexity of Multiple Ecosystems (Room 316)

        Businesses can be involved in multiple ecosystems. The key is understanding how these systems interact, identifying potential fractures and         overlaps, and acknowledging constraints and implications. Overlapping ecosystems will create a new ecosystem, highlighting redundancy.

        Resilience Points

        1. How can a business mitigate risks? 

        2. Identify obstacles and challenges your business is facing.

        3. Being compliant in your business

  • 6/7 - Module 8 - Technology (Room 213)

        Business success will require a strategic integration of technology, information, and business processes.  

        Resilience Points

        1. How to integrate technology into the business to position for success?

        2. Increasing your business value and service using technology

        3. Business to Business Integration

  • 6/7 - Mentor Advising Session 12:30 - 2:30 pm (Room 213)

        Following the final mod for Strengthening Your Business’s Ability to Scale, you will have the opportunity to meet with a variety of mentors chosen to assist you in your business endeavors. 


For more information, please contact - MBDA Pandemic Recovery Center




Start: May 8, 2023
11:00 AM
End: June 7, 2023
1:00 PM
Pandemic Recovery Center

Houston Community College - Eastside Campus, Rustic Street, Houston, TX, USA

6815 Rustic Street Workforce Building 1 316
77087 Houston TX
United States


Houston Community College - Eastside Campus

 6815 Rustic St, Houston, TX 77087 

Mods 1 and 3,4,5,6,7 will take place in Workforce Building room 316

Mods 2 and 8 will take place in Workforce Building room 208




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