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Women’s Wednesday Roundtable

Empowering Women as Leaders through education, networking and mentoring. 

Wednesday, February 1st 

12:00pm - 2:00pm

Virtual Workshop - Zoom 

Join us for our first Women’s Wednesday of the new year - How To PR Yourself! 

As an entrepreneur, you will need to know how to promote yourself. Knowing who you are, what you have to offer, and understanding how to communicate those two things effectively will help you actively market yourself to others. Self-promotion can be just as critical to your success as the products and services you sell. 

Join our presenter, Kyra Rénel Hardwick, as she discusses and shares her tips on self promotion. 

Kyra Rénel is the founder and Managing Consultant of The Kyra Company, LLC, an operations and business development focused consulting firm, founded in 2015.  She is an author, speaker and consultant who possesses highly developed strategic and analytical skills with the ability to train and/or implement on multiple levels. Kyra has established the ability to identify opportunities for profit protection as well as the opportunity to increase efficiency within the infrastructure of an organization leveraging people, process, and profitability.


Kyra Rénel is an award winning corporate and non-profit management leader, with exceptional customer service & operational management skills and an expertise in operational leadership. She is an effective communicator with a knack for developing cohesive and productive teams. She is experienced in the development of both process and policy. Kyra’s cross-functional experience provides a broad-spectrum approach to addressing opportunities within an organization creating a delicate balance between people and the process.


Kyra Rénel is skilled in delivering strategic methodology and establishing buy-in as needed, leveraging her ability to develop a network and operate as a collaborative leader. Kyra’s transparency and understanding of the necessity to cultivate alliances and resources internally/externally lend itself to the development of loyal and committed partnerships.


Kyra is also deeply rooted in community, founding Imagine Excellence, Inc., a youth leadership development non-profit organization in 2008.  The organization serves over 3500 youth annually through middle and high school programs, an annual youth leadership conference and an annual IE Honors Gala, honoring leaders in STEAM. Imagine Excellence, Inc. serves as an organization that bridges the gap for youth by providing them with the leadership, character development and engaging the STEAM programming they need to support their success. 


Kyra serves as IQ4’s Co-CEO as well as its Chief Operations Officer.  She is responsible for the design and implementation of business operations, procedures and establishing policies that promote the company's culture and vision.


Kyra is also the co-founder of Black Women Are Meida (BWA) a media company designed to give power to the voice and narratives of Black Women. BWA is a female-forward content company and e-commerce entity specifically targeting women 35+. Amplifying the community that Black Women have always divined and delivered through authentic narratives and catalytic collaborations. This strategic connectivity opens the door to business education, product distribution and alliance building, and ultimately, revenue cycling -- where any profits generated stay within network. BWA expands and elevates the definition of what it means to be a Black woman through storytelling and building a social commerce community for influential women entrepreneurs and corporate contributors.




It’s Your Turn. How Will You Change The World?


Start: February 1, 2023
12:00 PM (UTC/GMT -06:00 - America / Chicago)
End: February 1, 2023
2:00 PM (UTC/GMT -06:00 - America / Chicago)
HCC - Open for Business for Women Entrepreneurs

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