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Leadership & No Blame Problem Solving

In partnership with The Citizens Campaign

10 hours – non-credit course – Free

Help your community, become a Civic trustee, Solutions Advocate, Appointed Government Official, Local Political Party Representative, Committeeperson, or District Leader.   


  • Learn your legal rights to participate as a citizen leader.
  • Get in the game of government decision-making
  • Be introduced to a successful practitioners’ method called No-Blame practical problem-solving.
  • Earn a leadership certificate!


Course Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, you will be able to:

● Evaluate solutions to determine if they are practical, evidence-based, and cost-effective

● Use No-Blame Problem Solving in professional contexts such as government, the corporate world, nonprofit advocacy, and/or your personal life

● Recognize your right to access public records and participate in government decisions at local power centers

● Identify roles you can take in your city to offer solutions and leadership without running for office

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