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Foldscope?!!          What's that?

Foldscope is an inexpensive, optical microscope, that can be assembled from simple components, including a sheet of card stock paper and a lens unit made by Foldscope Instruments. More info available at: (

Do you wanna see how a <$3 dollar paper microscope (designed by Stanford University PhD) lets students in less deveoped countries and other less finacially gifted communities see tissue and microbes? I know I do!

I have two dozen microscope kits to use with some interested HCC & dual credit students from any HCC program. We will assemble them and view real biological specimens, that you can make into slides, and prepared slides. I will bring the kits and specimens and Dr. Rima Adil, Dean of Student Sucess at NW College, is providing some snacks and drinks for us so we can experiment and learn. Thanks also to HCC, NW President, Dr. Zachary Hodges, for all of his support and encouragement.

I hope to see you soon, Dr. Brian Mahon, Innovating SciLAB @WHI



Start: December 1, 2022
9:30 AM
End: December 1, 2022
2:30 PM
West Houston Institute, SciLAB & WHI Learning Commons

WHI, Building C, in SciLAB, Suite 166, HCC-NW College, Hayes Rd. Campus, Houston, TX, USA

Hayes Road 2811
77082 Houston TX
United States

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